Friday, October 07, 2005


Like many of our fellow brother and sister hashers, we have but one word to describe this past drunken haze known as the DC Red Dress Run: exhausted. Sure there was a recovery run, and yes, there was a shigtastic WH4 run where we had harrierettes de-pantsing, but the scribes are too tired to go into full detail about those events here. Thus we’ll let the words of others describe the general feeling this year’s RDR left us…

To quote one-out-of-towner:

"You all did a totally amazing job, I had an excellent time!! And to every last one of you DC women hashers, I'll never see the color red the same way again! No fooling, I'm looking at a red binder on my desk and I'm almost laughing right here.

The DC crowd has really great people, and I was doing everything I could to meet new people all day. When you're at an out of town event, you just gotta. I'd love to name a few in particular, but between all the people I met and the beers that I drank, I don't want to miss anybody. You guys rock! See you guys next year. I'm already looking into business meetings that I can take in DC, so I can hash with guys again!"
Vagina Whiner
Harrisburg-Hershey H3

And yes, this was stolen from one of Big Bang's multiple White House Hash House Harriers announcements. And yes, the scribes are THAT lazy.


v-dubya said...

Too much fun, thanks again

The Muse said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree that it was definitely well worth every minute I spent up in DC! Thanks to everyone!!!!
*Poke Her Cabana (Atlanta H4)