Saturday, October 01, 2005


  • Just Daniel for not only losing his ID, his Mensa membership card, MasterCard, AAA card and his Blue Cross card on trail but for carrying a f*cking Mensa card at a hash! Are ya kidding me??? BTW, that card has an expiration date. What’s up with that?
  • SMAC, Tupperware, Certified Underwater Naval Technician, and Schweinchen D*ck for auto-hashing
  • Tupperware for not watching where she's going - she ran into a street sign and tripped over a curb while carrying a traffic cone as a megaphone with EarShot
  • Senior Doucheberg for telling the scribe he's a "late cummer" and then attacking the scribe for duly noting his statement
  • Dick in the Eye and Metro Ho exchanged favors for a ride across the Key Bridge
  • Jiggles-Lo negotiated a cab fare from $15 to $20 - You're supposed to negotiate lower, man! Don't you know anything??!!


Strange Ground Chuck said...

Of course Mensa membership cards have expiration dates. You see, the IQs of most humans decline over time. That's because our brain cells become weaker.

There are three proven ways, though, to avoid that fate. One is by physical exercise. A second is by mental exercise. The third is by drinking alcohol. Exercise strengthens brain cells. Alcohol kills off the weaker ones.

So, you see, hashing is the perfect activity for people in Mensa.

Don't worry. I'm only pointing the likeable members of Mensa to the hash. Yes, I'm involved in Metro Washington Mensa's mismanagement.

On On

Strange Ground Chuck

mizerock said...

I figured that I could whip out the Mensa card for comic effect at some point in the evening. I hope you all were amused by my "genius"!

-Just Dan