Saturday, October 01, 2005

Circle and Awards

Sometime around three (who knows? was anyone completely sober at that point?) the RDR committee held the beginning circle where they gave out dogtag awards for categories such as best boobs, best ass, and other such silliness...


Best Dressed Female:
International House of Vagina
was clad in latex bodypaint. Kudos to Threat from Behind of Boston for designing and painting her sinful attire!

And what an upset! Raise My Titanic was tossed from her long-standing winning streak. It was an extremely close call!

Best Dressed Male:

Jack Off Lantern was wearing his Sunday-best drag queen dress and hat.

Best Legs:

A tall drink of water named Just Sam of Crystal Coast (his brother Twatermelon wasn't bad-looking either!).

Best Ass:

Whore of Sarajevo - Have mercy! That woman has a beautiful bum! That same ass won her the Ms. 2005 DC Area Hasher award at the Full Moon Beauty Pageant Hash back in April.

Best Cleavage:

We (the drunk scribes) can't identify who the winner was, but here's Tupperware inspecting the winner's goods! Anyone want to claim this pair?

There were more awards, but we were easily distracted at that point and ready to run. And run we did!


bizarr said...
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Anonymous said...

Single Wide Mobile Ho

Hugh Heifer said...

Tuppy's parents would be so proud!!! I know I am!
Hugh Heifer