Saturday, October 01, 2005

and Memorable Costumes

This year's Red Dress Run started off at the infamous Dremo's ! What a sensory overload from the sea of red (with some pink and black interspersed within the crowd).
There were some people who looked stunning (So Hot I’ll Turn You Gay), and some, well, who looked stunned (believe me, we're being kind on that one). The professional photographers seemed to be less and less shocked as the day went along. Good thing the beer was flowing like wine!

Let's give some shout-outs to some of our favorite red dresses:

How about the latex crew? Anal Fission was proud of himself at getting multiple girls to cum in bodypaint and many of the harrierettes where just as happy Rodeo F*ck did, as well. Salt Lick Titties, International House of Vagina, Double-Stuffed Whore-E-O, Jerkin the Gherkin, and Can't Stop the Semen were also crew members that bared it all.

Moist Sushi was a vampy fem-bot.

The Hare Krishnas were an interesting group as well...but the guys aren't wearing red!! Don't you smell a violation here? That's not all we smelled! Poodle F*cked managed to nauseate anyone downwind of him due to his overpowering stench from the incense he was burning.

Not So Silent Bob
of Charlottesville provided an alternative to the flowing beer...boxed wine from a tit! The girls were lining up to suck his tits. Not a bad way to pick up the chicks, if I say so myself! Guys! Take notes!

of San Diego (Trojan Man) and Just Tanya (Ms. Incredible is homeless! Will someone claim her?) played up the superhero theme.

Lookie at Fire in the Cornhole! Don't we recall seeing this EXACT same Elmo underwear last night at the Full Moon pre-lewd? Dude! Don't you change your drawers daily??!!

On a side note, there are, apparently, several colorblind hashers:

Golden Showers, all the way back from merry ole’ England, looked quite fetching in his pink and green camo.

One Time at Hand Camp looked just plain disturbing in his PINK frock.

We’ll forgive 3 Ring Cervix for wearing her black dress with only a TAD bit of red cause she was hot, yo.

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