Saturday, October 01, 2005

Party in the Temple!

We ended up at the Almas temple. The sea of red was most impressive from the top balcony. One harrierette referred to the event and venue as a hasher "prom". That's a very accurate description since many attendees hit the dance floor soon after getting their fill of grub and beer.

Fagnostic, very early on, was seen walking around in his shorts and a RDR t-shirt. When asked what happened to his fagtastic dress he mentioned that Late Nite Drive Thru was wearing it. There she was - trying not to expose too much flesh, while two hashers were assisting her putting the thing on. Did we mention that the dress is vinyl? Fagnostic noted that the dress looked a hell of a lot better on her than it did on him. One scribe tends to agree.

Now, while watching a harrierette put on her dress was amusing, watching other hashers REMOVE their “dress” was the highlight of the evening! Salt Lick Titties was definitely in her element as the paint was ribbed off (if you were there, you know what I am talking bout, if you weren’t there, too bad). IHOV and Jerkin were a tad bit more modest. The ladies (mostly from the SH*T hash contingent) swooned as the paint was ribbed off Rodeo F*ck.

Hokie No Pokie still had trouble identifying who his girlfriend was. Hokie was seen kissing Blowup Dalai Nada. Yes, on the mouth. Now in case you aren't familiar with Dalai Nada - he is a man, or at least, we think he is. In Hokie's defense, Dalai Nada makes a beautiful woman! But the Hokie trouble didn't end there! Hokie spent a good portion of the 8pm hour showing everyone who would watch what happened when the broken urinal was flushed in the men's 2nd floor restroom. At the end of the evening there was a 1/2 inch of water on the floor.

Oh! and beware hashers that want to flash their special packages. Is It In Yet? of Phoenix pulled his skirt up and displayed his puppy love underwear.
He stated, "My puppy is chasing pussys - aarf, aarf!"
And we don't know who this fellow is...but he's got some impressive packaging, too!

The temple and RDR mis-management (somehow!) extended the party hours until 9pm, but the DJs must not have been prepared...cause didn't they play Outkast's "Hey Ya" twice within a half-hour? Do those djs think we are drunken fools that won't remember they just played the same song 15 minutes earlier? Oh, yeah, right! We are drunken fools...

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