Saturday, October 01, 2005

Run, Beer Check, Run

The walkers were sent out first - followed by the runners. The crimson wave coming out of Dremo's was most impressive.

The pack took off in fine style down towards Rosslyn and across the Key Bridge. All we have to say about the run was “WOW” as the FRBs were really pushing the pace on this one. Luckily, Toothfairy hadn’t lost his horn (yet) as he provided ample warning to our live Hares 2Lips in the Bush, Wet Nurse, Neat Purse and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Boner that we were catching up, quickly.

We attracted lots of attention and were honked at by not only cars on the bridge but also boats on the river. Always nice to keep ‘em happy and entertained eh? So we’re happily crossing the bridge when....

WTF??!! Not the Exorcist stairs!! Yup, up the stairs we went but only after being prodded, coaxed, and convinced we would survive (we were SURE those stairs were for descending only). Soon after recovering from the stairs, the pack found itself running through lovely and haughty Georgetown much to the delight/concern (you pick) of the shoppers and residents.

Some wanker apparently had a missed connection on Craigslist (obviously someone was delighted about our presence).

Long Cool Man in a Red Dress - w4m

Reply to:
Date: 2005-10-01, 5:50PM EDT

During the DC Red Dress Run this afternoon (10/1), at the intersection of N & 27th in Georgetown, I stopped my car and asked you what the hell was going on.

You were carrying a blonde at the time, but came over to my car and talked with me. You were sweaty and absolutely stunning.

You said you're from North Carolina and explained the hashing. I wanted to join in the fun.

But I was with my family, so I had no way to stuff your bra with my name and number.

I wanted to be the girl on your back... if you feel the same, email me.

And yes, this was also stolen from a Digby’s post. What can we say, we're still exhausted and thus, lazy mofos.
The pack was then rewarded with a beer check at Third Edition, which was not long enough, as they never seem to be.

To quote one hare at the beer check:
"We thought you all would be running at a leisurely pace…"

Did you run the Full Moon last night? That wasn't leisurely! What did you expect?
Ahhh, those Carolina folk...did any of y'all talk to any of them? One scribe was lucky enough to locate hidden pussys on at least 4 Carolina hashers at the beer check. Sextion 8 had a special bong drinking vessel that he so kindly let the scribe sip from. Scribing is damn thirsty work!

Once we left the beer check, the pack went through the last of Georgetown before making its way through lower Dupont Circle towards downtown. We don’t know if this happened to anyone else but one scribe was barked at by a large group of homeless men in a park near the end of trail. It must have been the thigh highs. What do you think?
The speed demons once again pushed the pace resulting in a very quick second half. So fast, in fact, that we arrived at the Almas Temple before they even started serving beer.

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