Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hashers Say the Darndest Things

“It’s a good thing my dick isn’t bigger, because it would hang out of this dress”--Monday Sticky Monday
“Of course I look good, it’s a Ralph Lauren”--Butt Brown Ale
“I don’t do drag well” --Butt Brown Ale
“I love the material this dress is made of. After this is over, I could make some fabulous pillow cases from it.”--Butt Brown Ale

“Hey Pond Scrum! Check that out!

Whoa! That’s a dude - never mind.”--Butt Brown Ale

“Why is Pond Scrum praying here on the streets of DC? Holy Shit! He’s not praying; he’s peeing!”--Big Bang
“A good think about my wife being sick is that I don’t need a fluffer this year to warm her up.” --Big Bang

After putting on his dress and putting on make-up, Can’t F*ck Dust picked up a wand with a star on it and said,

“Would it look gay if I carried this?”
“Stop! Shop at Target!”--Snatch Shot (at all crossings on the
walkers trail)
“I love semen”--Obeastiologist
“A good way to proposition women for anal sex is to say “How much do you like walking?”--Jack Off Lantern
“Trust me, if you just agree to do it, he will leave you alone.”--Takes it up the Ehh
“Hey Kool-Aid!”--Pond Scrum yelling to Wooly Mamaries
“Dressing like speed racer’s girlfriend is kind of cool. Now where is my Chim Chim?”--Test Tube Baby
A conversation at the RDR:
Pond Scrum: “What’s up with Jack Off Lantern’s legs? He made those as smooth as an alter boy’s ass”
Bow-Chick-a-Bow-Bow: “That’s disturbing. Uhh, how do you know the smoothness of Alter Boys?”
Pond Scrum: “I’m dating again”

On why he shaved his legs Jack off Lantern said:

“I wanted to win best dressed”

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