Saturday, October 07, 2006

Getting Started

The day dawned crisp and overcast, but that didn’t stop many hashers from donning scantily clad attire regardless of the damp weather.

Moist Sushi was a notable stand-out in her scintillating garment.

On the other hand, some hashers felt it necessary to bundle up - Who were the mystery hashers behind the Middle Eastern burkas?

Hashers stumbled into HR57 mostly hung over from the previous evening’s lingerie run (educational note: HR57 is a non-profit jazz club devoted to promoting the history of jazz). Okay, enough of the serious stuff! Onto the dirt!

RDR Mismanagement did a phenomenal job (as always!) with their team of volunteers to get the 425 half minds signed in, photographed, and most importantly, to initiate the day-long drinkfest.

Although, we are intrigued by the fact that the giveaway (the Survivor-like head scarf thingie) needed directions. If it were a battery operated device (use your imagination), we could understand…but it was a piece of fabric. What the heck are we supposed to do with that? We have enough trouble reading the directions in order to stop a VCR from blinking 12 o’clock, let alone the patience to twist this getup into a hairnet.

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