Saturday, October 07, 2006

Notable Costumes

Cum Dumpling apparently never made it home the night before as he needed to wear his lingerie to RDR. Either that or he was too cheap to buy two outfits (Our vote: Too cheap! He is the money collector for EWH3, after all!).

Number 2 drove up looking like Fred Flinstone in drag. And since he drives a Mazda Miata, one could actually imagine him powering his car with his feet. Yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Just outside the bar, (Can’t Find) Pussy in a Haystack was found talking to a couple of older folks. Turns out that they were his parents - if you’re going to bring your parents to RDR, they should at least be like Double Header’s parents and have enough courtesy to wear red dresses….so learn them some manners, next time!

Also outside the bar was Not So Silent Bob. He forgot it was RDR and thought it was Halloween. But we forgive him because he was serving some good sh*t from his boobs (no! not his man boobs!). I swear…if girls had boobs that could give off booze like that pair, girls would never have a reason to leave the house. Who wants to go to a bar, flirt with an ugly guy for a couple of free drinks if booze could flow from your own tits like that?

Speaking of boobies, Can’t F*ck Dust was attempting to compete with Chest Nuts, Designer Bush, and Shamrock Your Cock for the biggest tits in the hash. Better luck next time, buddy - I think the girls still have it.

Lube Me Up Scotty, lived up to her outfit and stole a puppy a la Cruella De Ville. There has to be a renaming in there somewhere.

There were certainly some other characters to be found at RDR. White Kane and Bow-Chick-a-Bow-Bow looked like the Moroccan Blues Brothers. We didn’t even know that was possible.

And let’s not forget the Geishas! Burning Bush, 3 Ring Cervix and Kiliman Jackoff put on a great performance, but they were such teases. We didn’t hear of a single person getting a blowjob from any of them. Unacceptable hash behavior!

Put it Out showed his girly side that day. He was so afraid that it might rain, he brought a little parasol with him. The only problem was that it wasn’t big enough to keep even his tiny, little dick dry.

Speaking of girly sides, Jackoff Lantern was overheard saying “I spent a lot of time in the bathroom this morning removing body hair.” It worked, he was almost unrecognizable. I think he looked better than most of the girls.

Finally, SeƱor Doucheberg cannot be overlooked in the girly department. I have never seen someone look so cute wearing shiny red “Princess” pajamas.

Anal Fission showed up wearing a “dress” made out of bondage tape. We all know that he’s into that kind of thing, but did anyone else find it disturbing that he had enough red bondage tape to actually make a dress?

Runway Snatch needs a special mention for impersonating a church lady. We wouldn’t take exception to this occurrence, except that we all know that she has never stepped foot inside a church (she might burst into flames on the spot).

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