Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Unofficial After-Party

After RDR, much of the pack headed to Dairy Queen’s and Rear End Loader’s pad for a little after party.

Did anyone see the clown car pull up full of Carolina TRASH? Five of them stumbled out of the cab, popped open the back, and two more climbed out of the trunk. Ok, it was a one-zone cab ride from the bar to the party. Couldn’t you bunch not have afforded two cabs?

And while some hashers mistook the pots and pans for throw-up buckets, Motor Mouth patiently waited in line to puke. But, unfortunately, ended up projectile-vomiting over the 6-foot fence into the neighbor’s yard. I would have really hated to be that neighbor the next morning!

At the very end of the night, 3 Ring Cervix and Gimme an OOO were seen giving WOWO blowjobs so that they could take the limo back to Arlington. Acceptable hash behavior!

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