Saturday, October 07, 2006

RDR Party

Back at HR57, 3-2-1 F*ck Off was seen rubbing Double Header’s a$$. Her dad was so jealous of the special attention that he requested, “If you rub her ass, you have to rub everyone in the family’s a$$es.” Poor 3-2-1.

Additionally, Rotten Whore from Chicago lived up to her name. She hit on every guy at the hash saying, “It doesn’t matter, my husband is in a different time zone.”

Fire in the Hole got lucky by riding Bloody A$$hole. Too bad she was about three feet too high. Next time aim lower sweetheart.

Drip Dry spent all night asking folks if they wanted to see Poop Weiner’s p*nis. When they said yes, she pulled out her camera and showed off a picture from the lingerie run. I’m not sure if that’s a tease on Drip Dry’s part or on Poop Weiner’s part…

Jack Off Lantern was very distraught because he left his ID in his purse, and then lost his purse.

And we have heard that it IS possible to offend Hokie No Pokie. As much as he writes about disturbing sexual acts, he was distressed by a joke involving fat chicks and cinder blocks.

Executive Spread, Bone Sucker, & P*nis Colada are such drunk train wrecks that they have created a whole new level of awesome that is unparalleled by any local hashers.

The Horny Grail spent the whole night tagging guys with her lipstick, but she didn’t even get laid that night. Apparently, she never ran into Nub because he was too busy with Runs With Bulls.

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