Saturday, October 02, 1999

DC RDR 1999 Thanks

I hope that everyone had a terrific time at the Red Dress Run this year. I know I did. But we couldn’t have done it without the help of a lot of people, who graciously gave up their socializing and drinking time to help with the registration process and the beer and water check. If it wasn’t for them, hashers would still be standing in line trying to get in, even with an I.D.!

I would like to thank in particular Steel Trap, Milk Money, Bite Me Elmo, Missed Erections, Eat It Raw, Champagne Charlie, Hurley Gurley Mon, Full Metal Balls, Latin Anal-ist, Holy Tit, Tartwheel, Bonnie Brewer, Great Puck, Kiel Bastard, U.S. Boobs & Oral Report, Shave Me Elmo, Holiday Ho, Fag, Yes, Dear, Rainbow Dick, Great Balls of Fire, Rutro, Late Cummer, Fuzzy Butt, Call Girl, Mellow Foreskin Cheese, Cheese Spread, Oil of Nolay, Wankers Away, Hot Legs, Flouncer, Hans Solo, No Quickies, and Chunky Monkey.

Doing an incredible job of serving beer and water were Cervix With A Smile, Leave It In Beaver, Steers & Queers, Mudpie, Just Brian (McDonald), Drop Box, Just Tim, and Fussy Bitch. And, of course, I’d like to thank my co-MisManagers Harddrive, who unfortunately sprained his ankle on the full mOOn hash the night before and couldn’t run the trail so he stayed behind at Lulu’s and let me do the trail; Blank Check and Big Bird Turd, for making the food and overall experience at Lulu’s absolutely incredible this year; Hasher Humper and Fussy Bitch for getting us such fabulous giveaways; Dual AirBags and Pay Per View for doing a great job with the trail; and Wilburrr for getting the t-shirts designed.

And remember: The 7th Annual DC Area Red Dress Run will be some time in the future!

On On, you wild hashers, On On!
Black Box

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