Saturday, October 02, 1999

MVH3 Scribes

Think party time with nearly 800 of your closest friends. Again this year the DC Area Red Dress Run was hosted at LuLu’s. The fun started when Hard Drive resprained his ankle at the previous night’s Full Moon causing Full Metal Balls to stand in as Hare. Next, this year’s Red Dress Mismanagement was surprised by a new requirement for everyone to show their ID to enter the bar. It’s amazing how many people travel across town and across country with no ID. But work arounds were implemented and everyone successfully registered. After draining five or six kegs before the start, the largest ever (in the world?) red dress pack be grudgingly departed for P St Beach, a local gay sunbathing hangout, for Father Abraham. It took ½ an hour to get the pack to the start, a mere five blocks from the restaurant.

Once underway, though, the pack was its usual traffic-stopping self. As we hashed through the city the trail first headed to the Watergate and the Kennedy Center. There, traffic backed up for almost a mile (all the way to the Lincoln Memorial!) as folks stopped to gape at the pack. Then, at the Lincoln Memorial, we disrupted an official gathering of the Libertarian Party--when asked over the loudspeaker system what we were running for, the resounding answer "BEER!" rang forth. Past the world’s largest phallic symbol (the Washington Monument) and on to the beer stop.

The Hares were surprised to turn around and see the pack only ½ block from them and closing fast as they entered the beer stop. Ahh, the joys of live trail setting! Another five kegs and 200 gallons of H2O were consumed at the beer stop. With that many people standing around in red dresses, it looked like we were all extras getting ready for some scene in a Felini film. The hares left again to restart trail, but the pack stayed on drinking, always drinking.

Finally, we walked/ran/stumbled to the Smithsonian and a ride on the metro. All except the two young harriettes who talked the police (intent on busting the brew crew for invading federal property) to give them a ride in the cruiser back to LuLu’s. The civilians on the metro train didn’t know whether to laugh or avoid our eyes.

And finally, after passing an ABC film crew (yes, we were on the nightly news), it was back to Lulu's and more beer and debauchery--another successful Red Dress Run! At the finish, the crowd finished off nearly 866 chicken halves and vats of potato salad and baked beans. Another 30 kegs of beer were consumed, making a total of 40 kegs for the day, as the crowd danced the night away to the sounds of music spun by LuLu’s DJ.

The dancing was momentarily interrupted by the Circle, where the Hares, Best Dressed Male and Female, and representatives from each of 65 Hashes from around the world, who sang "The Roof" in perfect harmony, all drank. Events wound down with Harrisbug/Hershey H3 flag being returned by WH4 Hash as the H5 hashers bowed in total subservience in order to reclaim ownership of their flag. Finally, "Swing Low" was sung and the hashers returned to their beer, food, and music, and "went in peace" to do their collective best to "get a piece!"

And remember: The 7th Annual DC Area Red Dress Run will be some time in the future!

On On, you wild hashers, On On!
Roto and Blank Check

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