Saturday, October 07, 2000

DC RDR 2000 Thanks

I can’t begin to express my thanks to all of the hashers who so kindly volunteered their time to help during the Red Dress Run. It’s amazing how much work it takes to keep a bunch of half brains organized enough to get through registration, giveaways, and t-shirt lines and on to the important stuff—drinking our beverage of choice. So while the rest of you were taking pictures and drinking beer, these folks were laughing their heads off (Head?) greeting everyone who came in and having a first hand view of all of you who were too whimpy to wear your red dresses into Lulu’s and ended up changing clothes upstairs. Needless to say, most of these folks have already volunteered their services for next year.

So in case you were too busy gawking to notice, here are the folks who made my life and yours ALOT easier. Helping with sign in were DangeRously Close, Driving Ms. Bitch, Duck Job, Fellatie Throw, $50 Bitch, Flying Burito, Great Puck, Leave It In Beaver, Milk Money, Packed With Seamen, and Whore Moans.  Assembling those giveaway bags were Bare Back, Continental Drip, Just Laura, Just Roger, Latin Analist, Missed Erections, MiteyTite, and Wankers Aweigh. Handing out the t-shirts were CheeseSpread, Dead Snatch, Desparate Dave, KY Belly, and Mounting Mama. Helping to sell our Politically Correct shirts were Fussy Bitch, Oil of NoLay, Perk A Set, and Short Cummings. Keeping the traffic flowing were our movers and shakers: Hands Solo, Pointless, and Where-Da-Fa-Khawe

And in case you think that the beer just magically appeared at the beer check, that’s because the White House Brew Crew was in charge. Lead by Jailhouse Cock, other Brew Crew members were Barney’s Bitch, Free Refills, Mr. Softie, and Never Saw Him Cumming.

Chronicling the event were Leaky Tampon with his video camera, and ONe tit Only who is writing the Hash Trash.

But most of all, we should all recognize Cunning Runt for designing our 007 shirts—the best design in a long time, Big Bird Turd for taking her design and making up all of the name tags, Fussy Bitch for the giveaways, Hawaiian Puke and Full Metal Balls for developing the trail, Pay Per View for being in charge of accommodations, Blank Check and Watergate for working with Lulu’s, Hard Drive for designing and updating the web page, and especially our Grand Master, Dual Airbags for keeping everything and everyone on track.  I can tell you that this was a GREAT team to work with.

And remember [to be said in a loud squeaky voice] the 8th Annual DC Area Red Dress Run is Saturday, October 6, 2001!

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