Sunday, October 12, 2014

PhenomenONON - Joint Trail with OTH4 for Last Leg of RDR

White House Trail #1587, October 12th, 2014

Hares: Captain Bangaroo, Scrumbag, Cum Brew Lay, District 69 andOsama Bin Hashing

Brew Crew: Sorest Rum and YOCO

Since we partnered with OTH4 this week, here's a recap of those who came first and last:

FRB: All the Way In
FBI: More Men
DFL: Bad Dog

Elmo's Fuck Buddy was violated for passing out in multiple places all weekend and not knowing how a pair of men's underwear got in her bag! (I guess you could say she's used to...sleeping around.)

Boxx Spring, Slimy Limey, Fire in the Hole and Wookin' Pa Nub were all cited for leaving Dwarfus Interruptus behind at the Metro. ("It's nothing personal," explained Slimy, "we thought you were your brother!")

All Flash No Drive was violated for wearing fairy wings and saying, "I'm wearing these to lure pedophiles away from children!"...right before Tony Panda was heard saying, "Riding a bike isn't hard - it's like hooking up with a fifth grader." ("It's not what you think!" he exclaimed. "I meant that you never forget how to hit on underage girls!")

S&M Man was cited for needing a police warrant to take drugs out of a patient's butthole! (Usually cops are more lenient about this sort of thing, but the officer on duty was pretty anal.)

3-Holer was violated for leaving RDR early to run with the men's hash (in hisdress), ran through an obvious back check onto train tracks, and almost got hit by a train...and that's not very safe! (Ironically, that was still less dangerous than anything in the movie "Trainspotting".)

Osama Bin Hashing was cited for wearing shorts so frayed they had to have belonged to Bad Dog! (I hadn't seen anything that ripped and torn since Vin Diesel couldn't make up his mind!)

On - good luck navigating the Red Line - on,

Ginger Snatch

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