Sunday, October 07, 2012


Hares: WH/Hangover Hash combo

False Advertising,

This is almost unprintable as submitted.  My edits are below.


It was a cold and drizzly morning, but about 40 functional alcoholics faithfuldragged themselves out of someone stranger’s bed to make a last desperate attempt to get some nookie instead of passing out in some stranger’s bedparticipate and continue with the booze-fest camaraderie of the night before. 

The trail was laid by the newly-christened Hanger Over hash.  They were dumbthoughtful enough to lay an actual trail, with running and everything.  About 10 or 15 hashers ran the trail while the rest were too hung over contented with a leisurely stroll through skanky alleys the city.

The pack looked way hotter last night  enthused as they first drank even more alcohol refreshments provided by White House to avoid the shakesdehydration

The hashers shared furtive, embarrassed glances stories about the night before and new-found one-night-stands friends exchanged fake contact information.

The On-On was held at Madhatter which was totally unprepared a perfect venue for this scary looking lively bunch.

At the On-On the hashers chatted about the asinine fun things they did on trail.

Mursey F*ck challenged False Advertising to knife fight for a Nats playoff ticket.  F/A declined since Mursey had the obvious advantage since he is Puerto Rican.

Uncle Bad Touch tried to convince the pack that letting a guy go down you does not mean you are gay.

Mega hash brownie points to Ass Spelunker for bringing the Costo-sized jar of Advil!!!

Sketchy Ho and Spunk in the Trunk complained that the one-mile trail was too long.

Math S*cks, Let’s F*ck tried to convince everyone that she wasn’t making up the story about having a foursome the night before.  (It’s okay. We believe YOU believe it.)

Pico De Gayo walked three miles in the rain with no shoes in an attempt to get laid…and failed.  Yup, he’s a Hasher.

A good time was had by all until the alcohol poisoning kicked in and the chain-reaction vomiting started.


False Advertising

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