Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RDR Thanks

I've never seen so many packages in all my life.And it aint Christmas people.
How on God's Red Earth did Ugly Naked Guy get in?
And he was dancing around with a sock on "mantown".
Now I know what put a sock on it and bury it in the backyard comes from.Mantown.

Not many women think mantown is beautiful - I certainly didn't see any beautiful mantown graffiti artwork while walking the streets of DC. Mantown never gets trimmed up and shaved because men have not come to know and love a Brazilian bikini wax like most of us. And I know most of you have one question for this fat, old woman with a Brazilian bikini wax - why?Not me sister.
I still search ebay for Nair.

Anyway, I see most of you take the time to really go all out for RDR - get new dresses, new undies, new bras and the like. The thing I crack up in seeing is all the 2 day old man stubble out there. Are most of you men still afraid someone downtown is going to mistake you for a woman? Is that why you don't shave and wear tight dresses so that the mantown package is visible and cannot be mistaken for, oh, I don't know, a genital wart?

The only man I thought could have passed for a woman is All The Way In currently hashing with OTH4. My God, he put most of us women to shame. To shame, I say, to shame. If he swayed his hips just a little more and had a purse, hell, I would have asked him to come home with me, for God's sakes.

Anyway - to Motormouth and company -
that was fabulous!Good job guys!!!!

Dual Airbags

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